Best Movies to Watch On aha When You Just Want To Be Alone

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Everyone likes to watch an exciting thriller movie when they are alone so that it will not keep them bored. Everyone is always looking for a good film with an interesting storyline. Nowadays, you can find different types of movies online, but they might not have an interesting story to take away your boredom.

Are you looking for some latest hit movies? Then Khaidi, Sardar, and Arjuna Phalguna are some of the best movies with good stories. You can watch all these movies telugu through the leading Telugu OTT platform, aha.

  1. Khaidi

Khaidi is an excellent action thriller movie that has caught the attention of many people and was a blockbuster hit film. An ex-felon Dilli is finally out of prison, and because of some reasons, he has made a deal with a police inspector. Inspector Bejoy guarantees that if he saves the police officers and works with Bejoy on a mission, Dilli’s daughter will be provided with good education facilities. The movie is full of action scenes that keep viewers completely entertained until the end. Karthi plays the role of Dilli in this film.

  1. Sardar

Sardar is a spy action film wherein Karthi plays the dual role of father and son. It is a film with a unique storyline about the spy – agent Chandra Bose, known as Sardar. He was imprisoned falsely as a national traitor, while his son becomes a police inspector by bearing all the problems regarding his father. Vijay (son) finally understands all about his father, and later both of them eliminate a severe threat.

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  1. Arjuna Phalguna

Arjuna Phalguna is a crime comedy movie wherein the central character Sree Vishnu- Arjun is the crime doer. It is an exciting film that starts with the introduction of Arjun, who stays with his family working in the village (in the fields). The problem begins when someone comes to seize Arjun’s friend’s house because of bankruptcy. Arjun had to pay bribe money to solve this problem as well as to get a loan from a bank. The story’s main event starts when Arjun receives a large sum of money.

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Do you like to find a place to watch exciting Telugu films with an interesting storyline? Then try watching movies Khaidi, Sardar, and Arjuna Phaguna, currently streaming on the leading Telugu OTT platform aha. Aha is one of the best sites to watch action telugu movie ,as it offers a collection of movies. You can watch any film currently streaming on aha by taking a subscription.

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